From a dream to a benchmark in the industry!

Traditionally, customers, employees and loyal partners we met along the way have always referred to JFA Eletrônicos as a family. And, in fact, we were born from a family dream, shared by cousins Anderson and Flávio.

Starting in Flávio’s garage in January 2004, the sale of a popular car donated by Anderson’s father guaranteed the first steps of this journey, which continues to grow, making JFA a benchmark as an innovative company, focused on the user’s need for follow-up, by providing a unique experience through its high-performance products.

Inspired by the mission to develop quality products, we always fondly remember the first launch: the mini-FM radio station, which allowed multiple cars to play the same music, tuning in to the same FM radio station.

The second product developed was the 70 A Battery Power Supply and Charger, created at the request of customers who learned of the first launch. With an adventurous spirit, as they did not dominate the automotive sound market, Anderson and Flávio transformed the challenges into innovation and commitment.

The chargers that existed on the market did not have battery charge control, thus causing damage to the batteries and amplifiers. Committed to the continuous improvement of its products, JFA Eletrônicos was the first company to develop a power supply by using the exclusive Smart Charging System (SCI), thus ensuring electronic charging control.

With its consolidation in the market from the launch of the second product, the DNA of JFA was also established: the development of products with innovative features and high quality.

Whoever uses them knows the difference! That’s why we put all our customers’ needs first, by offering products that stand out and make everyday life easier.

Always inspired by promoting a good work environment and motivated by market recognition, JFA Eletrônicos overcomes challenges and seeks opportunities to develop itself into new sectors and strengthen its ties every day.