Portable charger

The Redline F60 Portable Charger is versatile and has unprecedented features both in terms of functionality and performance, in addition to being able to be used as a power supply source or charger for your batteries. Check out a few examples of application:

  • Powers equipment with 12V outlets (tire gauges, vacuum cleaner, cell phone charger and other outlets);
  • Used to start cars;
  • Charges and restore worn out batteries.

It has a multifunctional panel, with which it is possible to perform all the functions of the JFA Redline F60 Portable Charger.

Modes and application:

Slow charging: Restore batteries; Extend battery life. Auto SCI: Quickly start the car; make a quick charging.. Output voltage: Operate as a Power Supply, with the option to digitally choose among 8 voltage levels at the output from 12.6 to 14.4V; Connect devices to 12V power outlets.

Main features

Technical information

  • Input (automatic dual voltage)

    90Vac to 140Vac / 170Vac to 240Vac
  • Consumption at maximum charge

  • Maximum output current

    60 Amperes
  • Selectable output voltage

    12,6V | 12,8V | 13V | 13,2V | 13,8V | 14V | 14,2V | 14,4V
  • Smart charging system (SCI)

    13.8 and cyclic 14.4
  • Slow Charge System (SCL), customized to your battery capacity

    Rise, absorption and equalization (Automatic adjustment to the ideal charging curve for the battery)
  • Smart ventilation system (SVI)

    PWM dynamic control
  • Voltmeter accuracy

  • Ammeter accuracy

  • Protection

    Overcharge, output short circuit, overheating and polarity reversal of battery clips
  • Dimensions without cables

    204 mm x 170 mm x 123 mm
  • Battery alligator clips

    10mm diameter 1.5m long cable

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