Bob X-Line

Bob X-line is a resource used in projects that do not require such a high number of functionalities, as is the case with Bob Boxes.

It was with this in mind that JFA created the Bob X-line, a specific power supply for you who want, above all, to simplify your bob box project.

Its main differential is that its use eliminates the need for a battery to work, maintaining the same performance. See its main features:

● Storm function that indicates that the power supply is operating at its highest potential with an output voltage of 15V.

● Harmonic design that allows the adaptation of Bob Storm in projects in a compact way.

Bob X-line sources are available in amperages:

● 200A keeps up to 3800 WRMS of playing sound.

● 120A keeps up to 2.300 WRMS of playing sound.

● 90A keeps up to 1.700 WRMS of playing sound.

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Main features

Compare the models

CharacteristicsBob X-Line 90ABob X-Line 120ABob X-Line 200A
Input90 a 140Vac / 170A 240Vac (Bivolt automatic)
Nominal / dynamic consumption600W / 1.350W
1.050W / 1.800W
1.800W / 3.000W
Function BOB X-LINERated power 40 AmpsRated power 70 Amps
Rated power 120 Amps
Dynamic power 90 Amps / 2 secDynamic power 120 Amps / 2 secDynamic power 200 Amps / 2 sec
Adjustable output voltage
12 a 15V
Smart coolerDynamic control by PWM
ProtectionsOverload / Output Short / Temperature
Dimensions W x H x D (mm)259 x 151 x 58259 x 151 x 58279 x 163 x 86
Weight kg1,4001,4402,000

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