SCI Power Supply snd Charger

The SCI Power Supply and Charger is a high-powered power supply that allows you to power and charge 14.4 volt or Auto SCI.

Developed to provide maximum efficiency in powering and charging batteries in the 12-volt system without damaging them, it features the exclusive JFA Smart Charging System (SCI), which increases the efficiency of battery capacity to accumulate charge and also its useful life by preventing overheating of its plates.

The features of the SCI Power Supply and Charger are:

  • Display to monitor output voltage and current;
  • Battery level and full charge LED indicators;
  • Dual 110/220Vac automatic voltage adjustment.

SCI sources can be found in the amperages: 10A, 36A, 50A, 60A, 70A, 100A, 120A 150A, 200A and 200A monovolt.

Main features

Technical information

  • Entrada (bivolt automático)

    90Vac a 140Vac / 170Vac a 240Vac
  • Tipo de controle

    Largura de pulso (PWM)
  • Topologia

    Half Bridge
  • Precisão do voltímetro

  • Precisão do amperímetro

  • Refrigeração

  • Proteções

    Excesso de carga, temperatura e curto na saída

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