Redline Power Supply and Charger

Redline Power Supply and Charger is a high-powered power supply that can be used to power and charge automotive batteries. It is part of a line that takes both innovation and performance seriously, operating in 3 modes:

  • Slow Charging Mode: Charges batteries in gradual stages: rise, absorption and equalization. The Slow Charging Mode of the Redline Power Supply is ideal for recharging batteries with a low charge, thus obtaining maximum charging efficiency, without generating wear and increasing battery life.
    • Auto SCI Mode: Use it when the system is on or when you need to quickly charge the battery. The Auto SCI Mode of the Redline Power Supply is able to maintain the maximum output power (14.4V) and enter the SCI pulsed system only with the battery charged, remaining in fluctuation.
  • Output Voltage Mode: Makes it possible to digitally choose among 8 voltage values at the output of the 200A Redline Power Supply: 12.6V / 12.8V / 13V / 13.2V / 13.8V / 14V / 14.2V and 14.4V.

Redline power supplies are available in the following amperages: 60A, 120A and 200A.

Main features

Technical information

  • Entrada (bivolt automático)

    90Vac a 140Vac / 170Vac a 240Vac
  • Tensão de saída selecionável

    12,6V | 12,8V | 13V | 13,2V | 13,8V / 14V | 14,2V | 14,4V
  • Sistema de carga inteligente

    13,8 e 14,4 cíclico
  • Sistema de carga lenta 3 fases

    Elevação, absorção e equalização
  • Sistema de ventilação inteligente

    Controle dinâmico por PWM
  • Precisão do voltímetro

  • Precisão do amperímetro

  • Proteções

    Excesso de carga, curto na saída e alta temperatura.

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