X-Line Power Supply and Charger

The X-Line Power Supply and Charger is more than a power supply. It is the revolution of everything JFA has ever produced. Equipped with the highest technology, compact and with exclusive functions, the X-Line Power Supply is the best choice to charge, feed and also monitor the operation of automotive batteries.

It gathers the main features of the SCI and Redline lines and inaugurates a new concept of Intelligent Power Source.

X-Line differentials:

● Super-X function that raises, for a short time, the output voltage to 15V, giving maximum performance to the amplifier;

● Intelligent Charge System (ICS) and three-phase slow charge system;

● Exclusive battery diagnosis function, in just 10 seconds, through the CCA meter and real analysis of the load accumulation capacity;

● Intelligent ventilation system with dynamic PWM control;

● Compact design, smaller than the previous lines, and harmonic, ideal for any project;

● X-Line supplies can be found in the amperages: 40A, 60A, 70A, 120A, 200A.

Main features

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