Remote Controls

The JFA Family of Remote Controls is recognized for its high power, the greatest transmission reach on the market and the best operation in places such as sound events, where there is high interference from radio frequency signals.

The Redline Controls are the only ones that allow you to control the player through a WR interface, thus eliminating the need for an infrared sensor. This way, they ensure a perfect communication between receiver and player.

The K600 and K1200 Controls models have a reach of 600 and 1,200 meters, respectively, in an open area. Their 8 keys command the main functions and ensure more agility, while featuring a modern design and ergonomics. In addition, they have different colors for customizing your project.

The Slim Steering Wheel Sound Control is for everyone looking for comfort and safety while driving and enjoying an in-car sound experience.

The Air Control allows you to control the air suspension, by combining safety (reach of 250 meters in an open area) with design and ergonomics.