Power Supply and Chargers

JFA Power Supply and Charger family is recognized as synonymous of high quality and cutting-edge technology in the segment of high-powered power supplies that power and charges automotive batteries.

JFA Automotive Power Supplies are the only ones on the market that feature the exclusive Smart Charging System (SCI), which increases the efficiency of battery charge accumulation and extends battery life by preventing the plates from overheating.

The Redline Power Supplies and Chargers line brings innovation, performance and smartness. With it, you deliver maximum power to your sound system in 3 modes:

  • Slow Charging Mode;
  • Auto SCI Mode;
  • Output Voltage Mode (Power Supply).

JFA has the ideal model for the size of your sound project, with capacity options between 10A and 200A. Find out the details of each of our products!


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Power Supplies SCI

Imagem de Power Supplies SCI

Redline Power Supply

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Carga lenta com seleção de bateriasYESNO
Tensão de saída ajustávelDIGITALNO
Medidor de tensãoYESYES
Medidor de correnteYESYES
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